Chancellor to Deliver Autumn Budget Very Soon – What to Expect ?

The Chancellor to Deliver the Autumn Budget

Following HM Treasuries announcement that the Chancellor Rishi Sunak will deliver the Autumn 2021 Budget on Wednesday 27 October, we ask the question ” What can we expect”

The Chancellor launched the Spending Review 2021 back in September, and this will conclude on the day of the Budget. It will be presented alongside the Autumn Budget.
The Spending Review will outline government departments’ resource and capital budgets from 2022/23 to 2024/25.

The Spending Review is also expected to set out how HM Government will deliver on its promises to the British public through leading the transition to net zero across the country; ensuring strong and innovative public services; levelling up across the UK to increase and spread opportunity; and delivering its Plan for Growth.

The Chancellor has previously commented ……

“Despite the worst economic recession in 300 years, we have not only got people back into work through the Plan for Jobs but continued to deliver on the priorities of the British people.

‘At the Spending Review . . . , I will set out how we will continue to invest in public services and drive growth while keeping the public finances on a sustainable path.’

It remains to be seen just how the Chancellor is going to balance the books, given what has happened over the past 20 months, in the UK and Worldwide. Personal and Business Tax rises could well be on the cards, despite any positive spin emanating from the Chancellors next door neighbour at No 10

Let’s see what happens. In any event you’re sure to need some great personal or business tax advice.

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