Tax Advice – Great Client Service

When it comes to providing superb Tax Services for our Clients, we are proud of our record. The key question is " What makes great client service?"

At MI Accountants and Tax Advisers we believe it's a number of things, namely:

  • Listening to our clients needs, rather than offer a 'one size fits all' type Tax Service.
  • Keeping in touch with clients. In other words pro-active communication
  • Promising to keep up-to-date with any changes in tax legislation, so our clients don't have to worry about this
  • Providing our clients with peace of mind and the ability to plan their finances
  • Offering besopke solutions to a wide range of individuals and businesses, both in the UK and Internationally

On a more general note it is improtant to practice clear communication with clients. One of our mottos is 'Excellence in anything increases your potential in everything'. There are few positions for which this applies more than client or customer service. Clarity in communication is paramount because it affects everything we do.

At Mi Accountants and Tax Advisers we speak as our clients do, i.e. they want conversations, not “correspondence.” Furthermore positive language is a great way to avoid accidental conflicts sprung from miscommunication. While the change is subtle, the effects are drastic.

In the unlikely event that one of our clients is unhappy with our service, we always give credence to these complaints. Harsh words are not always indicative of insight, and complaining clients
are not always a sign that something is wrong.  Be that as it may, sometimes great feedback is buried within the vitriol—so that's why we give credence to every negative message

A Wealth of Tax Experience
"I have been using the services of MI Accountants and Tax Advisors for many years and have done so because I have found them to have a wealth of experience
and strong up to date knowledge on all aspects of finance and tax". See more Happy Client Testimonials HERE

We also believe it's important to stay consistent in tone and process. Have you heard of the CARP Method:

Control the situation.
Acknowledge the dilemma.
Refocus the conversation.
Problem-solve so the customer leaves happy.

We also believe that's it is important to take time to ensure first-contact resolution becomes a priority. There is nothing our clients appreciate more than getting helpful tax advice the first time around.

I am Delighted with the Personal Tax Service
"After years of looking for the right accountant I can testify that his commitment and his knowledge  is second to none". See more Happy Client Testimonials HERE

It's also important to know how to close a client conversation. The ability to close improves every single interaction. This is not closing a sale, it’s closing the conversation with a client in a positive and helpful way. Leaving an issue unresolved creates unnecessary problems. Various business surveys suggest that as little as 4% of dissatisfied customers will ever speak up. Not everyone will communicate what is bothering them—often because you haven’t communicated that you care.

Therefore our willingness to correctly close a conversation shows our clients three important things:

- We care about getting it right.
- We are willing to keep going until we get it right.
- Often the client is the one who determines what “right” is.

“Is there anything else I can do for you today? I’m happy to help!” Always look for small opportunities like this.

True Experts with In-Depth Tax Knowledge
"MI Accountants and Tax Advisers are true experts in accountancy services with In-depth knowledge of tax requirements" See more Happy Client Testimonials HERE

It's vital to invest in great people. The quality of any customer service will never exceed the quality of the people providing it. If you plan on out-supporting the competition, plan on investing heavily in a team that can deliver.

Leadership has one main objective from which they should never stray: "Hire who you trust and trust who you hire".

Customer service can either be nothing more than a means to an end, or it can be a dynamic aspect of your entire business. Engaging customers and helping them get the most out of your
product or services will give them a reason to tell others why they love your business.

Use these tips, and I you’ll be on your way to world-class customer service. Finally take a look at the extensive list of our Happy Client Testimonials CLICK HERE