High Net Worth Individuals

High Net Worth Individuals

At MI Accountants and Tax advisers we know how important it is to give the right tax advice to high income earners. It is also important to plan ahead, as knowing how best to manage your finances can be a complex task.

For high-net worth individuals, tax is an even more serious issue. Your income, investments and capital are all under threat from increasingly complex and demanding tax legislation.

Add to this the vital planning that needs to go to into your future, from retirement to minimising inheritance penalties for your loved ones, and suddenly the issue of tax for high income earners becomes too important to leave to chance.

We also know that getting it right results in a positive financial situation, but getting it wrong can have much less favourable serious consequences for you.

Located at our officesPortman House, 3rd Floor, 2 Portman Street London. W1H 6DU, our Personal Tax Service can handle the most complicated of tax issues.

We will always give you the best advice about positive ways to make savings! We will also ensure you understand your position with regards to tax risk and exposure, and we would be happy to prepare regular detailed tax planning reports for you.

Our Personal Tax Services include:

  • Annual wealth and income planning reviews
  • Wealth profile reviews
  • Liaising with HMRC on your behalf, even if you are in some difficulty with them !
  • All capital taxes and related tax planning opportunities, including Capital Gains Tax, Inheritance Tax and Stamp Duties, Tax planning reports
  • Advice on trusts
  • Tax relief on investments
  • Updates on available tax saving opportunities
  • Non-domicile and ex patriates tax advice
  • Even dealing with HMRC tax investigations for you.

We will of course make sure you get the most from your annual allowances and tax reliefs. Furthermore when any changes in tax legislation occur, we will be alongside you to ensure you make the right choices.

This gives you a flavour about on we can help you, but there is much more.

So call us on 020 3982 5031 to arrange your FREE ‘no obligation’ advice session, or Contact Us Here