HMRC Self-Assessment Helpline Closure – What You Need to Know

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has announced that it will be closing its main self-assessment helpline over the summer. This means that taxpayers will not be able to get help over the phone from HMRC staff between 5 July and 3 September 2023.

HMRC says that it is closing the helpline in order to redeploy staff to other areas of the business. The organisation is also advising people to use its chatbot instead. However, the Taxpayers Alliance has said that people trying to “do the right thing” will be “furious” about the closure of the helpline. The organisation has called on HMRC to reverse its decision.

If you are a self-employed worker who needs help with your self-assessment tax return, you will need to use HMRC’s chatbot or online guidance. You can also contact your accountant for help.

What is the chatbot?

The chatbot is a computer program that can answer your questions about self-assessment. You can access the chatbot on the HMRC website.

What is the online guidance?

The online guidance is a set of documents that explain how to complete your self-assessment tax return. You can find the online guidance on the HMRC website.

What if I need help with my self-assessment tax return?

If you need help with your self-assessment tax return, you can contact us. You can also contact HMRC’s customer service team by email or post.

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The closure of the HMRC self-assessment helpline is a major inconvenience for taxpayers. If you need help with your self-assessment tax return, you should use the chatbot or online guidance, call us

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