International Property Transactions

International Property Transactions

We have a wide range of experience and expertise when it comes to international property transactions.

There are many legal requirements to consider when a property is either owned by a non-UK resident, or a UK resident owns a property outside the UK. Regulations are imposed by HMRC and the other countries equivalent tax authority. This can be quite a complex area as regulations differ from country to country, so expert advice is always needed, this is why we ant to help you.

We promise to assess each situation carefully, considering any overseas regulations. We will advise and outline the relevant transactions required in the UK.. We can offer invaluable support when it comes to tax planning, transfer pricing, banking and acquisitions.

If you are a non-UK resident who owns a property in the UK we will help you with any dealings with HMRC.. We will help you adhere to the Non-Residents Landlords Scheme. We will also manage any application for HMRC clearance on offshore company trusts

If you are a UK resident owning property overseas we will help you with all UK tax return matters and well as ensuring wherever possible that you are not subject to incurring tax both in the UK and overseas

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