Non-Domicile and Expatriates Taxation Services

Non-Domicile and Expatriates Taxation Services

We have a wealth of experiences amongst our specialist advisors. They will provide you with the up-to-date answers for all the numerous
tax questions you may have, no matter which country you are based in. Our non-domicile tax advice is unrivalled.
In addition for expatriate UK nationals we also provide an extensive range of essential taxation services.

Taxation regulations change on a regular basis, and when you no longer reside in the UK it can be even more tricky to keep up to date.
We will keep on top of the latest legislation so you don’t have to. HMRC has tightened up on its approach towards expatriates
and their obligations to contribute towards the British tax system in recent years. At MI Accountants and Tax Advisers we want
to help make sure that you are doing everything right and according to the law. Basically we will remove your taxation headaches.

For Non-Domiciles we can provide the following services:

  • Helping you with the statutory residence rules.
  • Assistance with mitigating your UK tax liabilities
  • Advice on the 7 and 9 year tests’ year rule for non-domiciled clients
  • General advice about retaining your non-domiciled status even if you are living in the UK
  • Other services such as short term visits, tax equalisation and protection schemes, remittance basis charges and much more

Services for Expatriates include:

  • Advice on the statutory residency rules
  • The latest updates on UK tax regulations whilst living overseas
  • Planning emigrations for all UK Tax purposes
  • Advice on what to do when going overseas
  • Dealing with non-resident landlord issues and ensuring UK tax compliance on rental income.

Given that we have a number of commercial / residential property landlords as clients, this is something we are well versed in. So please do not hesitate to Contact Us Here for your FREE no obligation consultation.